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Fog light mounting -- GT/4KS

In the interests of keeping myself and my beloved GT whole in the coming 
winter months, I have started the search for a high-quality fog and/or 
driving light kit.

My current planned setup is this, a pair of the white light (non-ion) 
PIAA 959 projector foglamps (the infamous "torpedo launchers") combined 
with upgraded 55/100W 9004's in the headlights.

I have approx. a 100 mile round trip communte each day, with about 60 of 
those miles headed up or down the lower portion of Mt. Hood here in 
Oregon.  There's usually not much in the way of snow at this elevation, 
but there is alot of rain and the occasional show flurry, which pointed 
me towards the projector style fogs.

My dilemma is where do I mount these suckers?  They have dimensions of 
4"H x 4 3/4"W x 5"D.  I like the idea of mounting them in the center 
grille, on either side of the Audi logo, but I don't think there is room 
to clear the front of the engine on the passenger's side, and I'm 
hesitant to block any airflow to the radiator on the driver's side.

What is the preferred mounting locale for the GT/4KS series of cars?  I'm 
trying to stay away from having them protrude half a foot in front of the 
car, so I don't rally want to just bolt them to the front of the bumper.  
I'm also trying to stay away from the "rally light bar" look, but I will 
happily take suggestions on other brands/model/configurations of lights 
to consider.

TIA (sorry, hadn't planned on being quite this wordy!  ;-)


Gary Erickson -- '85 Coupe GT
Hilary Tombaugh -- '80 4KS (5 cyl)

Find us at: erickson@teleport.com