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Re: Bumping cam on a NA 2.2?

> ......but I have a problem trying to
>figgr how the 86> distributers with a +/- 2 degree window of fault (that's
>2312) can keep up with a cam gear that goes +/- 5degrees ......  Charlie Day
>runs one on the killr ur-q from money (till glen's done I guess, but not
>bet), and Mike G. swears by it.......


Here my take on the whole cam timing, ignition computer thing.
Having spent two years wrestling with my MAC-02 timing, I think
I may have a clue.  The very narrow window you mention (2 degrees)
seems to only be in effect during starting.  Once the car is going,
the computer can handle LOTS of variation (+/- 15? degrees as per
Audi Tech Notes)  Anyhow it's pretty huge window.  Problum is, you 
have to set it back to zero when you try to restart.  I think a
centrifugal cam would do that.  Question is, does the timing of the
ignition move with the distributor pulse?  I am almost sure not.
It is just used to detmine which of the three flywhell pulses is TDC.
So it sounds to me like it is a bolt on mod.  Did somebody say how $$$
this was, Mr Googin, perhaps?

paul t-