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$#!*? Column switches!

I don't know if I used the proper characters, but I'm pretty pi**ed off at
the column switch unit on the '88 5k.  I was suspecting something was about 
to go, but Saturday I kicked on the "brights" (I think all it really does is 
to light the blue annunciator on the dash) and felt something break inside.
Now I get low/high beams randomly switching.  I replaced the switch unit
with one from a non-dealer source not that long ago.  Does anyone know if the
aftermarket units are the same as stock (they looked the same to me)?  Has
anyone attempted any repair of the high-beam switch mechanism?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

For some reason I am reminded of the old Mustang II Turbo.  I am convinced 
that the only purpose the turbo provided was to illuminate a little green 
square on the dash labeled "TURBO."