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Northwest Quattro Club USA Meeting Reports?

A meeting of the Northwest Quattro club happened a couple weeks ago.  I saw 
one note posted to the quattro list.  I am wondering how many folks on the 
q-list attended and how the meeting went?  What were the good and bad things, 
what would you like to see, etc.  

I'm looking for this kind of information because I have talked with Stan 
Sokol, the coordinator, by phone and he seems like a great person to be 
heading up the effort, and I'd like to emulate the things that people want 
here in CA.  Stan sent me a copy of the group's newsletter, and it is very 
good.  (I guess that I found "Audios and Speed Safely" slightly silly, but 
hey, do I have anything better to offer?)

I understand that there are other regions starting, and I'd like to hear 
about how things are going there as well.  Are there any organizations other 
than QCUSA that are forming to meet our needs for Audi fixes?  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)