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Strange Alignment problem?

Hi All,

I think I have an alignment problem on a front drive vehicle,  with the rear
end.  Its got the same rear suspension as the fwd A4.  Brand new Dunlop D60 A2s
all round.  well, it seems as though theres a humm lately from the back.  Its
noticable going straight at 65ish MPH but if you veer to the right the noise
almost goes away, veer to the left it gets worse.  Didn't do this when the tires
were first put on, about 1000 miles or so ago. I'm pretty sure its not a bearing
or the such, but feel it may be a toe problem.  Last set of tires the rears wore
with a very strange diagonal pattern.  The tire guy said thats normal, just
needed to rotate more.  I think theres someting wrong.