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Synthetic Oil

> From: "Bob D'Amato" <Bob.Damato@snetel.com>
 I want to put in synthetic oil into my 20V this month.. but I have always 
> run only dino. When I do the switch, do I have to do anything special? 
> Like drain it after 1000 mi or so due to the detergency? Or can I just 
> leave it in its full term (6k I think??)
> Also.. which brand is best.. or should I use the blend?

Bob - others have offered some good comments.  Since we  often 
discuss synthetics, let me direct your attention to the Synthetic Oil 
FAQ on the Z-car list.  **DISCLAIMER: I wrote the synthetic oil FAQ, 
so I have a vested interest in believing it's correct. **

Look at: http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~snd/z-car

Select the Synthetic Oil section of the FAQs.

This FAQ is much more complete than bandwidth permits in this group - 
and includes directions for changing a car to synthetics.  Other good 
WWW sites are available by searching for "Synthetic Oil", "Amsoil" 
and there's one at "Harris Mountaintop" which is good.

Not intended to be a commercial, folks - just that this subject is 
discussed often and perhaps others on this list would be interested 
in reviewing the material there.

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