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Re[2]: Vibrations in A 92 Audi 100

     Has your car ever exhibited pinging under mid-throttle position?
     I have noticed it in my car - the pinging does not occur under full 
     load, only under light (mid) throttle application.  Any ideas?

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Subject: Re: Vibrations in A 92 Audi 100
Author:  Wesley Leung <wleung@interbase.borland.com> at Internet
Date:    09/28/95 10:01 AM
Don't know about the vibration thing, but I also suffered from the sharp 
drops in RPM when I start off.  Especially when shifting from 1st to 2nd, 
which I basically deduced to be too rich fuel mixture as I need to stomp on 
the gas to get it out of lug mode.  I took it into Anderson-Behel Audi/VW 
and they said the problem was due to a gummed throttle body.  They also 
found out that the Oxygen sensor wasn't working.  The 5 year emission 
warranty covered the O2 sensor and I paid $70 for the throttle body 
service.  All and all I'm happy as it fixed the problem!
92 100S