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Re: Vibrations in A 92 Audi 100

          I am new to the Net and the group and greetings to all before I
          seek your advice.

          I have a 92 Audi 100 V-6 with 33k on the clock, regularly
          serviced under warranty (which has now run out).

          The car has been plagued by vibrations at idle, whether hot or
          cold, since the day I bought it new.  Sometimes the vibrations
          are so strong that they can be felt in the passenger seat but
          they are always strong enough to be felt in the steering wheel
          and driver's seat.  No dealer has been able to fix it -- some
          deny the problem exists, some claim bad fuel, some say deposits
          on the valves...etc.

          The car also suffers from sharp drops in RPM when I start off
          cold and shift from 1st into 2nd and a clutch takeup which is
          somewhat sudden.  Both problems seem to disappear when the car
          warms up.

          Appreciate your suggestions.  Thanks.

          Nitin Kibe.

Don't know about the vibration thing, but I also suffered from the sharp
drops in RPM when I start off.  Especially when shifting from 1st to 2nd,
which I basically deduced to be too rich fuel mixture as I need to stomp on
the gas to get it out of lug mode.  I took it into Anderson-Behel Audi/VW
and they said the problem was due to a gummed throttle body.  They also
found out that the Oxygen sensor wasn't working.  The 5 year emission
warranty covered the O2 sensor and I paid $70 for the throttle body
service.  All and all I'm happy as it fixed the problem!


92 100S