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Re: Info on 92 CSQW

     Congrats on your purchase.  A very nice car indeed.
     I have a '92 100S (Non-quattro), with the same V6 engine as yours 
     (there aren't any others).
     Problems that I have experienced so far appear to be the weak spots in 
     this V6's first year of production (according to all the info I have 
     gathered so far).  
     My head gasket has leaked oil externally at the rear part of the 
     engine.  This problem was solved by retightening the head bolts 
     (~$200).  The Audi mechanic (at the dealership) claimed that in 95% of 
     the cases it solved the problem (and in others head gasket needed to 
     be replaced - $1000).
     My oil pump failed at 66K miles.  The Audi mechanic claimed he has 
     replaced quite a few of them on '92s.  There were some design changes 
     for pump related components in '93.  Audi has paid for 75% of the bill 
     (which would have totalled to $700).  It was a good opportunity for a 
     timing belt change, so my cost was similar to a typical timing belt 
     replacement, and no engine damage occured (luckily, it happened on a 
     cold start, so I shut it down immediately).
     In conclusion, first year production for the V6 has had some teething 
     problems.  However, it appears that Audi is backing it's products 
     reasonably well.  So don't despair if the Audi god strikes your car.  
     Always have the dealer query a warranty rep to see how much they would 
     cover.  And if that fails, call the Audi Customer Relations and 
     explicitly request for assistance.  Being a first year production is 
     no excuse for a $35-40K car.
     Your mileage may vary (I hope for the better).

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Subject: Info on 92 CSQW
Author:  STEVE DRANCHAK <Dranchak@megaweb.com> at Internet
Date:    09/27/95 8:39 PM

This is my first post after some extensive lurking.  After some 
years, my wife and I are once again members of the Audi owning 
community, with all the pleasure and pain that entails ;).  We
are the very proud owners of a 92 CSQW, every possible option, dark 
green with tan leather.  The seller was firm at $20,000 and we thought 
that it was a great price for an immaculate dealer maintained vehicle 
with 42K miles.  Did we get a good deal and are these vehicles
as rare as they seem to be (does anyone know how many were 
produced)?  I'm also wondering if anyone has any
information on the V6 that I think started with that year.  How 
reliable has it proven to be and are there any particular quirks 
that I should be aware of?  Thanks for any info.
Steve Dranchak