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Info on 92 CSQW

This is my first post after some extensive lurking.  After some
years, my wife and I are once again members of the Audi owning
community, with all the pleasure and pain that entails ;).  We
are the very proud owners of a 92 CSQW, every possible option, dark 
green with tan leather.  The seller was firm at $20,000 and we thought 
that it was a great price for an immaculate dealer maintained vehicle
with 42K miles.  Did we get a good deal and are these vehicles
as rare as they seem to be (does anyone know how many were
produced)?  I'm also wondering if anyone has any
information on the V6 that I think started with that year.  How
reliable has it proven to be and are there any particular quirks
that I should be aware of?  Thanks for any info.

Steve Dranchak