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Some people don't like Audis...

Hi All,

Got the following email when I posted to 
rec.autos.makers.vw.watercooled about buying a 1981 80 5+5.  Thought 
it made interesting reading given the guy is a VW enthusiast.

> Be careful!!  I am an avid VW fan after owning one for almost 5 
years ('81
> Jetta, 165000 miles).  I found a great deal on an Audi 5000 (as we 
call them)
> turbo; then I found out why.  Every %&$*#% day something broke on 
that piece
> of junk, and repair costs (parts) are outrageously expensive.  I 
would assume
> they are expensive there too.  That was the worst car I ever owned; 
but what
> makes it interesting is that I have talked to about 10 or 11 people 
who had a
> similar experience.  I cannot find one person who had an Audi of 
any sort who
> would ever do so again (except new ones with a warranty).  They 
drive nicely,
> but they are JUNK.  Heed my warning.....

BTW:  In my continuing quest for an 80 (4000) I have just driven a 
1986 model with the K-Jet 1.8 which I quite liked.  However, it's an 
auto, and I am wanting to know, why do some autos vibrate when idling 
in gear, and some not?  Probably an elementary question, but is it 
generally engine mounts or tuning or what?


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