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Re: Dino juice

On 27 Sep 95 at 23:54, Psychos 'R Us wrote:

> > BTW--what's your practice with oil plug gaskets?  do you change every time?
> >  I do, but it's very annoying at $4 each at the local dealers--used to be $1
> > or so for the small kind on the steel pans.
> Right now mine uses pressed paper kind, and I replace it everytime I 
> change oil/filter. If you can find brass ones, it's said that it can be 
> used through several oil/filter change cycles.

I've always used the brass ones on all my cars.  The only time I 
change them is when I lose the old ones, and I've never had a problem 
with leaks.
   '85 Audi 5ks
   '85 El Camino
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