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Re: differential leak; pressure accum.

On 29 Sep 95 at 14:56, Zafer Mehmood  [209] wrote:

> I wouldn't ignore this leak. My '87 5KTQ had a similar leak from the rear
> differential. The oil seal at one of the axles (where the axle connects to
> the diff) was leaking. The leak went unnoticed for sometime. It was hard
> to see; just some wetness on the diff, but covered partly by the shield.
> Bottom line was that the low fluid level destroyed a differential bearing.
> This showed up as a rumbling noise. I recommmend you check and fix the
> leak. Replacing the seal is much cheaper than replacing a bearing (more
> labor) or the differential itself.
In addition, one would assume that if diff fluid can get out, that 
water and other contaminants could get in.
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