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Re: Extrude Hone

On 24 Sep 95 at 23:42, PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> It is basically silly putty with sand in it that is extruded thru your air
> tract (intake head exh turbos) and provides the "polishing" areas you can't
> touch with the manual method.  It makes mirror finishes out of just about
> everything it pass over.....  On and intake it provides torque and hp, and if
> you get the full treatment it defies logical explanation of the
> gains.........  you can call em at Extrude Hone in Paramount CA....
There's some debate over whether polishing (ie Extrude Hone) is a 
good thing on throttle body injected or carbureted intake manifolds.  
The as-cast rough surface is thought to keep the fuel suspended in 
the air better, for a more uniform mixture.  On port fuel injected 
cars, such as most recent Audis, this isn't a concern since only air 
flows through the intake, with the fuel sprayed in directly above the 
combustion chamber.
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