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Belly Pan ...was Re: Dino juice

Bob Damato and Andrew Duane were grumbling about the Audi belly pans on the 90 series...> 
> Speaking of which, how in the !*@#^!*@^#*!@^# do you get that stupid
> aero-cover back on underneath engine in the 90Q20V? Changing the oil in
> my 100Q is easy: just slide underneath and do it. I have it down to the
> sub-3-minute mark. The 90Q needs to be jacked up, at least 250 nuts to
> undo the cover, no room to move, then how to get it back on. I actually
> pay someone else to change the oil in it.

>No kidding! Its AWFUL! Plus on mine.. with the damn sport suspension, I 
>cant even get a jack under it.. never mind ME! I have to drive up on 
>bricks, then put the jack under it, then jack stands, then do the oil, 
>and reverse. My mercedes takes about 2 minues, and I dont even have to 
>get under the car... The 20V takes the better part of half an hour. 
>Another reason I wanna change to synthetic. So I dont have to go through 
>that BS in the winter.. I can wait till spring!! :)

Er, don't forget that this "pain in the derierre" keeps the undeside of your motor nice and clean.

Have any enterprising 90 or Coupe owners looked at replacing the screws with a type of quick-release?????

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q