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Re: Broken signal lever

> I've joined the ranks of those with broken stalks, however mine is somewhat
> different from the topic of the last few days (same stalk, headlamps instead
> of turn signals).  Anyway, here is the problem:  While attempting a left
> turn, I also attempted a left turn signal (because it's the right thing to do
> ;),  Well, the da$# thing wouldn't catch, so I gave it a little extra nudge.
>  Well, of course I crunched something, I assume a little switch that holds
> the signal in place until coming out of the turn.  The signal will work if I
> hold it down about 3/4, but will not stay locked "on" at all.  Does anyone
> have some experience here?  Must the entire stalk be replaced, is the a swith
> or lever that can be replaced, or even fixed? Or will the Audi gods require
> an entire steering wheel and column (wouldn't be terribly surprised if it
> did...)
What probably happened is that the signal cancelling mechanism is broken.
One of the nice features of the Audi implementation (the only one?) is 
that when you replace the switch module it includes the cancelling mechanism
as well.  

It turns out the switch module replacement is quick and easy ... like they 
expected it to be done often :(.  Pull off the horn cover and remove the 
nut holding the wheel ;) ... the column switch module is held in place by 
a single screw that is accessed through a hole in the bottom of the column
switch housing (albeit at a bizarre angle ...).  This is for an '88 5kCSTQ,

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)