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Re: Engine start knock.

> Is there specific additive that you reccommend?  I'm beginning to think 
> that the reason my new lifters are still sounding like a cuisinart, is 
> that a passage is blocked, and the old lifters were more forgiving, since 
> they were shot.

I have tried a product called Valve Kleen, which is pured into the oil.  
The stuff worked right away and the lifters quieted down.  The effect 
was temporary though ... the noise came back after about a month.  I 
don't think I want to be pouring this solvent into my crankcase every 
month ... it might be doing something to the rings and cylinder bores 
as well ...

I'd love to put a solid lifter conversion in the 5kT.  I wonder if anyone 
has tried using a solid lifter cam and a mechanism to lock the lifters to 
a fixed height ... I'd still rather adjust the valves every once in a while
than have to listen to the nearly constant tapping.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)