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Sticky Doors, 5K

> > > Does anyone out there have problem with the driver side door? My is getting
> > > very hard to open, usually the first pull on that little lever behind the
> > > door handle would not open it, the second try usually will, but sometime it
> > > take a third try. 

> > My 81 5000 did that. I ended up replacing the whole freaking door handle. 
> My family's been through several 5000s, and that door handle problem 
> has been a recurring theme.  It helps to lean on the door while you 
> squeeze the handle, but eventually the handle's going to break.  Audi 
> changed the handles over the years, and I only checked the handles on 
> my '85.  They're NOT rebuildable, but other years may be.  Audi parts 
> are scarce at the junk yards around here, so I ended up getting one 
> at the local dealer (Autohaus Saginaw, great parts department, 
> arrogant service department).  It was a while ago, but I think the 
> price was $30.  Or was it $50?  Must've been $30...   :)

The door handles in the 5K series are FAMOUS for getting hard to 
open, then breaking - but guess what - the fix is CHEEP and easy!! 

The problem is **not** the handle, it's increasing resistance to 
movement in the lock linkage!  All you need to do is get some good
lithium grease in a pressure can, then take the door panel off.  
Lubricate EVERY point at which the lock linkage has a pivot or 
connection, including inside the door lock itself.  I found this out 
from a crafty Audi guy...and it really works like magic!!

I broke one handle on an '84 5K, found this out, and from then on I 
could open the doors with *one fingertip* on the lever inside the 
handle!!  Really, it's worth the few minutes it takes.

They re-designed the handles later, but for any Audi with the lever-
release inside a fixed handle, I'd recommend this as worth a try.

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