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Re: Sticky Doors, 5K

Our Cougar friend in Texas writes:

>The problem is **not** the handle, it's increasing resistance to 
>movement in the lock linkage!  All you need to do is get some good
>lithium grease in a pressure can, then take the door panel off.  
>Lubricate EVERY point at which the lock linkage has a pivot or 
>connection, including inside the door lock itself.  I found this out 
>from a crafty Audi guy...and it really works like magic!!

wait a minute---the increasing resistance is the problem, but I'm not so sure
the proffered solution is solving it or simply treating the symptoms...

see, the grease (or oil, or whatever you use as lubricant) tends to attract
dust, dirt, grime, etc, and holds it there, to further increase friction and
grind away at those parts.  that implies the real solution is to clean it all
up, then lightly lubricate.  

problem for anthony is, we just described the preventive maintenance--sounds
like his door handle is already broken.

p.s.--Al--sorry about your cats yesterday ;) -- you heading this way for the
Apple cup?