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Re: Good price on a '90 200 TQ?

>-- What are the major differences between this and my '88 5kCST?
Unless it's a 20 Valve the only difference that you will notice will be, 
Flush door handles, Offset trunk lock, and a different dashboad (Which I 
really don't like.... Just my $.02) other than that they are the same.

>-- What is the difference between the 200 and the 100 series?
200 means Turbo, and 100 means non-turbo, That's all the numbers mean.

>-- Does this car have the same problems areas (aka "features") as the 5k?
The Steering racks are supposed to not leak.....  Other than that it's 
about the same.

>-- Would this be a big improvement over the 5kCST (excluding quattro)?
Well, it's a newer car with an airbag, But your horsepower potential is 
not as great as the '87-'88 5KTQ.  If you want to know why Scott 
(PDQSHIP) has those answers.  (I'm only a test driver.......)


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com