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Good price on a '90 200 TQ?

I was browsing through the Sunday classifieds today and noticed a '90 200
TQ for sale locally.  It is red w/ black leather and the owner is asking
$9,500, which seems like an excellent price to me, especially for a
quattro, which are VERY rare here in Texas.  The NADA value is close to
$14k for this car.  In fact, I am thinking about going to look at it
tomorrow...but first I have a few questions:

-- What are the major differences between this and my '88 5kCST?

-- What is the difference between the 200 and the 100 series?

-- Does this car have the same problems areas (aka "features") as the 5k?

-- Would this be a big improvement over the 5kCST (excluding quattro)?

Well, TIA and I will await your replies...


 Chris King           ===================================================
 cking@txdirect.net    '94 Corrado SLC        (Sherry Red/Beige Leather)
 San Antonio, TX       '88 5000 CS Turbo   (Metallic Black/Grey Leather)

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