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A/C programmer confusion?

I have noticed an odd thing on my '88 5kCST with the Electronic Climate
system.  Seems that my programmer (black box right behind glove box) gets
confused by certain temperatures, especially in the morning when I first
start up.

I usually keep the thing set at 72 degrees, and it works pretty well when
it's hot outside.  It cools at full blast until the interior hits 72 and
then the fan turns down to a lower speed automatically.  The problem I am
having is when let's say the outside temperature is 55-65 degrees, but yet
the car has been sitting in the direct sunlight, so it really feels hot
enough to turn the cold air on.  The programmer "lever" (thing with the
cable on it) will move to the right, forcing out piping hot air.  If I open
the glove box and reach in there and gently nudge the lever to the left, it
starts to move without any further assistance until cold air is coming out.

My question is this:  Is there a sensor somewhere that might be going out,
could it be a weak cable pulling the lever, or something entirely
different?  It's as if the lever gets stuck and just needs a helping hand.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated...


 Chris King           ===================================================
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