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Re: Vendor List

> I hear bits and pieces about various Audi parts vendors on this 
> group.  Tell ya what - if all those on the list will send me 
> information on their favorite vendors, I'll compile a list and post 
> it.  Maybe we can also add it to the WWW page?

What a great idea! (snicker).

Please don't be offended, but is it possible that there are people
on this list that have NEVER bothered to read all the docs I've
thrown together, and web pages and everything?  
Get this folks - I run this list.  There are many, many pages of
material for your reading pleasure, tech tips, vendor list, mechanics
list, yes, even a FAQ!

Check out http://coimbra.ans.net/quattro.html, or for those without
web access (is there anyone left these days?)  send mail to majordomo@
coimbra.ans.net, in the body say:

info quattro

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