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Re: Vendor List

Dan - my apologies - I checked the "Quattro" page in my bookmarks for 
a vendor list before I posted - but I goofed! - it was Bob D'Amato's, not 
yours that I checked.

No offense intended to you!  Sorry that I didn't check more carefully before

> Please don't be offended, but is it possible that there are people
> on this list that have NEVER bothered to read all the docs I've
> thrown together, and web pages and everything?  
> Get this folks - I run this list.  There are many, many pages of
> material for your reading pleasure, tech tips, vendor list, mechanics
> list, yes, even a FAQ!
> Check out http://coimbra.ans.net/quattro.html, or for those without
> web access (is there anyone left these days?)  send mail to majordomo@
> coimbra.ans.net, in the body say:

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