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Re: S6 Pricing

10-03-95  08:28
 rivera@rivera.rivera.com asks:                                  

 PR> Says the price is 46.9K plus Luxo Tax and sales taxt and misc.
 PR> Ouch!  Does anyone know the dealer cost on this pig?

     If you have to ask you can't afford it...VBG

     But here goes.

 1995 Audi S6 Series

    Description             Retail              Invoice
 4D Sedan 5 Spd.            45270.00              39630.00

 Destination Charge           445.00                445.00

 Factory Installed optional Equipment

 Compact Disc Changer         790.00                687.00
 Pearlescent Metallic Paint   530.00                461.00
 All Season 215/60VR15
 on 6 spoke wheels             N/C                   N/C

 There is NO Luxury tax on this car!

 It's been my experience that somewhere between $500 to $1000
 over invoice is the MOST you should pay, especially since 
 the new models will be coming out soon.

 The only S6's Audi is offering to their dealers so far are the
 1995 models, which doesn't include a Wagon.  Audi has a 
 tradition (?) of "modification" of it's "data and prices" on
 the last business day of October.  
 If I get any info on the '96 "modification of data" I'll
 post them here.
 Good Luck

... Put on your seatbelt. I'm gonna try something new.