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Re: Secrects of speed?

10-03-95  07:47
  Well, I AWD'd home at triple digit speedo reading in the ole
  V8....and it wasn't there. Oh well, long ago I taped one of the 
  "Secrets of Speed" episodes, the one about Secrets of Speed 
  on the Autobahn.  It was while watching this one that I 
  decided that owning a V8 was in my future, and it was/is
  worth whatever it costs to be in this select group.  I sold
  the wifes' Volvo, gave her my trusty '84 5KS...I'm babbling
  here...it must be the mental anguish of not getting an
  Audi fix last night.

  Until I read the announcement about last nights supposed episode,
  I had always thought that the Autobahn Secrets of Speed was a 
  one off video...but now that I know it's a series..I must have 
  more.  Does anyone know where the series can be seen (other
  than <<cough>> ESPN? How many episodes in the series?

  As for the Hans Stuck question, ie is he a Jr., a II etc. I
  believe he is referred to as "Stuckey" (shhstuekey) by most 
  of his teamakes/crew. That might mean Jr.?



  1990 V8Q
  1984 5000S
  1985 & 1987 Male Offspring

... No sense being pessimistic.  It wouldn't work anyway.