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Luggage Rack (200 Wagon)

Re:  Key Blank for Roof Rack Crossbar

I own an '89 200 TQW (? aren't T and Q redundant if the car is a 200?).  My
car has the stock roof side rails for a luggage rack.  The prior owner had a
set of cross-bars for the luggage rack which I believe were purchased at an
Audi dealer.  The crossbars have "oris" molded into a plastic piece at their
ends.  The crossbars attach to the roof side rails through the use of a
looped cable attached to a nut.  The cable goes underneath the side rails,
"catches" a hook on the crossbar and then is tightened by turning a bolt
which is threaded through the nut.  Access to the bolt is gained through a
lockable end piece on the crossbar.  

After a recent summer vacation, my two year old daughter has "helped" me lose
the only key I had to the end piece.   A local locksmith was stymied by the
locking mechanism and could not find a key blank to fit the lock.

? Was the "oris" crossbar sold by Audi dealers?  Does anyone else on the list
have similar crossbars for their wagon?  Most importantly, does anyone know
how I might get a new key blank/key?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Charles Calkins
89 200 Wagon
85 Alfa GTV6
86 Alfa Spider