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Fixed & Next !

Dear Audi enthusiasts,

Fixed (Happy)
Well, after a month of waiting, finally I have time to deal with my 5kcst's 
cooling system last week, I replaced the leaky radiator, I flushed the cooling
system, I swaped some of the hoses, and ,of course, the AUDI's phosphate free 
coolant can't be missed. The whole process went pretty smooth.I am going to 
say thank you to all of you who gave me the valuable suggestions and opinions.

Next (Sad)
Unfortunately, as someone said before "Audi always has to have a minimum 
of 1 item broken or not working at all times", my car's column switch was 
broke last night, the high beam now always on when I turn on the headlight.
This afteroon, even worse, the knob of the turbo coolant pump broke off, 
is it kinda rare? 

Sometimes my car really lets me down, like the time I spent to washed the 
engine, it was all wasted because the whole engine now covered with the 
dried coolant, I swear I never wash the engine again. My Audi recovered for 
only a few day and now it can't move again. What a car ! BTW, do someone 
know where is the best place, the lowest price, to get the column switch and 
the turbo coolant pump? I appreciate any suggestion.

Thank You 

Albert Ng