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Re: Fixed & Next !

In a message dated 95-10-06 01:23:41 EDT, you write:

>Sometimes my car really lets me down, like the time I spent to washed the 
>engine, it was all wasted because the whole engine now covered with the 
>dried coolant, I swear I never wash the engine again. My Audi recovered for 
>only a few day and now it can't move again. What a car ! BTW, do someone 
>know where is the best place, the lowest price, to get the column switch and

>the turbo coolant pump? I appreciate any suggestion.
I had the coolant pump housing desintigrate on me 50 miles from home.......
 a MacGuyver knife and some time did the trick.......  saw off one arm of the
coolant  pump housing and use the sleeve as the joint for the two hoses......
  Use the existing hose clamps and voila.......  I ran this way for about a
week till the part came in.......  Try Carlsen Audi for the switch and the