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Re: Fixed & Next !

> I had the coolant pump housing desintigrate on me 50 miles from home.......
>  a MacGuyver knife and some time did the trick.......  saw off one arm of the
> coolant  pump housing and use the sleeve as the joint for the two hoses......
>   Use the existing hose clamps and voila.......  I ran this way for about a
> week till the part came in.......  Try Carlsen Audi for the switch and the
> pump..........
> Scott

Well, while we are on the subject of interesting fixes.... :-)

I was driving in a major residential section on the north side of Atlanta
when suddenly my winshield was covered with water.  I thought I had gone
thru a sprinkler with a broken head...until my coolant warning came on.
It turned out to be the upper radiator hose, a 5" split right down the
length of the hose.  After walking for two hours looking for a gas station
or parts store (nothing but houses) I bought a roll of duck tape at
Eckerd's (which was 5 minutes down the road!), along with a few gallons
of water.  Taped the sucker up, added the water, and drove 45 minutes to
Pep Boys without a problem.  Yet again, duck tape saves the day. :)

On a related note, it took me a while to get the right hose at Pep Boys.
"What type of car you got?"  "'85 Audi Coupe GT."  He looks on the computer
for a few minutes.  "Is that a 4000 or 5000?"  "Neither, it's a Coupe."
He looks on the computer for a few more minutes.  "They don't have no coops
listed."  "So try the hose for a 5-cylinder 4000."  He looks on the computer
again for a few minutes.  "Audi don't make no 5-cylinder 4000's."  "Try the
4000 Quattro."  He looks on the computer yet again.  "OK, got it."  He gets
the hose, and it is the wrong one!  "That is not the correct hose."  "This
is the hose that the computer says."  "Well that is not the right hose.  The
computer says that that hose is for an Audi 4000 Quattro??"  "No, this is
for an Audi 4000 with a 4-cylinder engine."  "Just get the upper radiator
hose for an '85 4000 Quattro."  He looks on the computer, and gets the hose,
the CORRECT hose.  Aaargh!


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