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Re: '83 Ur-Quattro ad spotted in Atlanta

Sorry to send this again, but someone hadn't seen it.  I tried e-mail, but
my mailer said the mail had bounced.

> I saw this on the bulletin board at PAP, and thought I should relay the
> info (sorry if it has already been seen, I just re-subscribed).
> '83 Audi TQC                    $8900
> 5-speed, Air, sunroof, alloys, new Pirelli P-500 tires, Emerald Green
> outside, Tobacco leather inside, "very original"
> John Downing     (404) 872-5787
> The ad also had a picture posted with it.  The car looked good from what
> I could see.  The green really looks nice (I didn't know they made green
> Ur-Q's).