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NOS REcaro Seat For Sale - Reasonable

I posted this note two weeks ago and sold one of the two seats that I had
over the Internet, so I'll give this another go to see if I can sell the
remaining seat.  Adapter brackets are available for most Audi products that
have been officially imported into the United States.


1989 CT Seat 07326021 (driver's side), Custom Creme Beige MB Tex Vinyl
*Adjustable thigh support
*Adjustable upper latteral support
*Manual recline

The original dealer invoice cost (I still have the invoice from
Keiper/Recaro), in 1989, was $619.13 + shipping, the custom upholstery was
$525.00.  I have the matching headrest in Creme Beige MB Tex Vinyl ($35.10
dealer invoice cost).  This seat is leftover from when I owned a mobile
electronics/accessory store which I closed in 1991.  The seat has been
burried in my garage since then.

The retail price of a comparable seat today is $900, plus shipping and or
sales tax.

This seat is brand new (NOS = New Old Stock) and has never been installed in
a vehicle.  I am asking $400, UPS GroundTrack shipping included, anywhere in
the continental US.

This seat could be easily adapted by someone handy into a very cool office

If you need more information, E-mail me at edf355@indirect.com. In most 
instances you will need to spend about $70 to buy an appropriate adaptor
bracket to mate the universal bottom of the Recaro to you existing seat
track mechanism.  I can direct you to a fabricator who can supply you with
the appropriate bracket.  If you wanted to upholster the seat to match
existing interior trim, figure on spending between $200, for cloth or vinyl,
to $500, for leather, at a local trim shop.)

I have two mounting brackets that I will give away to anyone who buys the
seats with the following applications:

VW - 82-89 Scirocco/82-84 Jetta/82-91 Cabriolet (1)
Chevrolet - 77-83 Corvette (2)

If you want to find matching seats, I can put you in touch with Recaro
dealers on either coast, but be prepared to pay retail prices, which is
25-30% higher than the dealer price listed above for a similar, current
model.  Still, getting a good deal on one of my seats will keep the overall
upgrade costs on a pair of seats much more reasonable than buying both at
full retail.

Rich Truesdell