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'84Audi5000t/200t Powerwindows & AC blower

With interest I read the articles on the 200 turbo/quattro. My car has had all the problems mentioned in this article. However I found a cheap and quick way of fixing the powerwindows problem. I am new so I don't know whether this is old stuff for you.

Problem: Powerwindows work sometimes/sometimes not

Solution: Fix powerwindow relay by taking it apart and resuddering the broken lead on the circuit board.

On my model (1984 5000 T) the powerwindows is placed on an addition relay carrier which is placed left of the steering wheel behind the dashboard and easily accessible by removing a simple hatch. When you look inside you see the relays. The powerwindows one is a big yellow one (approx 1x1x2 inch or 5x5x10cm). You can remove this by pulling it out. Inside the yellow box is a circuit board with some electronic stuff on it. The yellow housing can be removed without breaking anything. Take a look at the circuit board and check for a broken sudder trace on the circuit board. Just touch it with a suddering iron and you fixed the problem.

You should be able to do this with an half hour.

I also read that somebody had problems with an AC blower. I had the same problem. The reason was a bad connection at the big electrical connector(6 or more pins in a single row) mounted on top of the black AC unit.(To see this open the hood and remove the plastic cover which says AUDI and look at the passengerside of the car.) This control unit which sticks into the AC airflow determines whether the blower should be shorted to ground. If you take a look at it you will see the groundconnection between the control unit and the car. If the blowermotor is grounded it runs.


If any one has suggestions of how to fix the leaking diff/Auttransmission 
please notify me. It drips on the exhaust and that is rather unpleasant.


My cooling system gets too hot all the time and brings the fan into emergency cooling pretty often and thereby drains the battery to the point that lights start to go dim and off, the radio volume goes down, and in the end the car's ignition system gets very unhappy. (Not a fun experience when you are stuck in traffic and people start turning their heads) 
Don't tell me that I need a new thermostad or flush the system. I changed the thermostat and flushed the system but it made no difference at all. The mysterious part about it that I think that the fanthermoswith works most of time ok. The low speed COOLING FAN is normally engaged (on/off) in the beginning of a trip but a certain point either the fan doesn't run or the high speed fan runs and very rarely the high speed fan engages and switches to low speed after 10-20sec.

I anyone has had a similar experience please tell me.

Does any one know an easy fix for a turbo which blows oil in the morning but is really clean after 5 min. (My bet is that there are oil seals on the shaft which are probably pretty worn out by now but I am not certain and have absolutely no idea whether one can get those separate and replace.)
Maybe that is price one has to pay after more than 214K miles(353K Km).

Well goodbye, 

Duncan Reijnen
Student at MIT Gasturbine Laboratory
Cambridge MA