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Re: FYI Stunning Prices

>   Welcome to the V8 club.  I changed the hose today, and inspected
>   the old hose. Seems that it didn't have a specific leak, just
>   got porous over time. However, I doubt that any other hoses
>   will be going soon. (I'm hoping to convince myself here.)
>   They don't operate under the same pressure.

GOOD LUCK!  Your porosity problem is not necessarily directly related to
the pressure it was operated under.

>   What did "Jim" discover when he inspected your car? I'd really
>   be interested in knowing so that I can keep an eye out for
>   potential weak spots.

Jim found enough problems to give the dealer who sold me the car a minor
heart attack. (At least enough to wipe his margin on the car & go looking
for a new service manager!) The car was supposed to have had its 90,000k
service before delivery.
A quick look under the hood was enough to know that it hadnt been done.

There are oil leaks sprouting from the rear main, front diff, a/c
compressor & one of the p/s hoses. All are minor weeps & appear to long
standing judging from the staining left after dealer steam cleaned them.
The major problem is the auto trans, it is silky smooth except shifting
into reverse when warm which results in a solid thump.  Jim (who has just
returned from working with Lotus F1 team) suspects a faulty pump but is
unsure since it shifts perfectly when cold & computer reporting no faults.
Any ideas?

John Firkins

>... A big enough hammer fixes anything
(except the flattened thumb which always gets in the way)