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The V8's broken!

Thanks to all those who responded to my posting about my V8's noisy
shifting into reverse, but you were all wrong! Dont feel to badly though,
three highly trained overpaid mechanics who actually had their grubby paws
on the car missed the problem too.

I diagnosed the real problem quite easily, here's what I did:
1 Approach roundabout at about 120 kph
2 Stand on brakes
3 Drag tranny back to second
4 Turn in
5 Floor little pedal
6 Destroy inside rear CV joint & axle

See its easy!!

Now the hard part.
TKM gods (local Audi gods but with bigger teeth) want me to sacrifice $1,293.25
for the part. Not bloody likely!

Would some kind hearted soul provide me with a fax# for a couple of the
likely sources over there? If your feeling really nice you might even check
the price for me,
I'm told that you have to purchase the inner & outer CV's + axle as an
assembly & that the part# is 441 501 203C  for a 90 model V8 right rear.

The other question that this raises for me is, since I'm going to import
the part,which country has the cheapest Audi parts? & does anyone have a
contact there?

sorry for the long message, but its shorter than the wait I had for the tow
John Firkins
83+85 Ur-Q
90 V8
(Yikes the mongrels are breeding!)