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TQC Magazine article

The November 1995 issue of Performance Car carries an article about Quattros
titled "4xPhwoargh! It's the legend that won't let you down, the sensible
supercar with handling that's stickier than Sticky the stick insect stuck
on a sticky bun.". They at least got that bit right! As the magazine carries
a cover price in both pounds and dollars, I guess its available in the US.

The author, Eddie Riff, seems to have got most of his facts right. He does,
however, make one rather strange claim - "If you do find a neat and tidy car,
though, the Audi's inherent high mileage durability makes it an easy target
for clockers.". Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it nigh on impossible to
clock a car with a digital odometer? That digital dash does at least have one



'88 TQC 
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