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For Sale: 4000s Parts car: $300

Hi all, I haven't been a susbcriber for a long time,
but here is something that might be of interest.

For Sale:

1985 1/2 4000s

Pretty beat up.  A great parts car, though.
Left it w/ my sister for 6 months, and it's a disaster.

Here is what is wrong:
o 2 window lifts
o power sunroof, power locks
o heater core
o 2 door handles
o broken
o CV joints going
o Front Anti-Roll bar mounts busted (yep... i kid you not)
o many other other minor audi symptoms

Here is what is good:
o Transmission
o Engine (sometimes suffers from minimal VW tired valve knock,
  but revs very willingly, starts easily, pulls in 5th from barely above idle
  only 93k, always well oiled... every 3K)
o Glass
o Wheels (ronal) - true, round though a bit scuffed.  use 'em for snow tires
o Lights, except passenger rear.
o Calipers
o Most body work (a few dings aside)

A good car if you are a do-it-your self-er and have the space.
I'm asking $300.  It is driveable, so I'll deliver it within a 50
mile radius of NY City.

e-mail me if interested. (Recall that I am not on the list)