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'92 100 Quattro Wagon

I am new to the list and have two questions:

1. Does anyone know of any shops that can provide engine performance parts for
this car (V6)? I know that some, like Ned Ritchie, are only interested in the

2. I have a strange problem with the car that relates to an incident of
overheating. Recently, we had the steering rack replaced under warranty by the
local dealer. The same day we got the car back from the dealer (what a
coincidence...), it overheated on the freeway. It blew coolant all over the top
of the engine, presumably through the filler cap on the expansion tank. It was
then towed to the dealer, where they pressure tested the cooling system, and
could find no leaks. They ultimately came to the conclusion that something was
wrong with the ignition key housing and it was R&Red (theoretically, a short in
this area was keeping the radiator fans from coming on). They also claim that
the coolant was not overly low when the car was towed in. I have no empirical
evidence of any of this, except that my wife saw the temperature guage pegged,
steam comming from under the hood, and coolant all over the engine compartment.

The engine had been quite hot, for an unknown period of time; the oil smelled
burnt (Redline 20-50), so I replaced it. Something in the drive train now makes
a whining noise that it didn't make before (possibly, a clicking noise building
to a whine at higher speeds). I have listened carefully to the engine, and
parts thereabout with a stethoscope, and at least one of the fuel injectors
seems quite a bit noisier than the others. The whining noise seems to vary with
engine speed; possible other culprits:  transmission, an exhaust leak or ? Not
having an enginer rack, I can't get under the car to listen while it is

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Chris Blumethal
'92 100 (A6) Quattro Wagon