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Stuff I forgot to mention about the auto. cam gear

								09 NOV 95
								13:07 EDT

Hi Gang,

	Just re-read my post on the Franco Automatic Cam Gear, and realized
that after a couple of pint's of Pete's Wicked with the students at lunch I'd
left out some important data.

	First of all, the non-turbo 5 cyl. requires an external Hall sending
unit that he provides with mounting bracket, but at a significantly higher
price: $550.00 vs. $300.00 for the turbo'd 5cyl. Looking at the pictures of the
installation it appears the external Hall sending unit is belt driven from the
front of the Automatic Cam Gear and this requires that the cover be left off
the timing belt.

	The info. states that the critical parts are CNC machined and precision
gear hobbed, whatever that means. The gear housing is made of 356-T6 aircraft
grade aluminum and are hard coat anodized to MIL-C-8625 standards. One another
sheet it says the housing is made of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, maybe
they're the same. Critical sliding surfaces are permanently lubricated with a
"bake-on" dry film lube as per MIL-L-8937. Dynamic fly weights are supported in
needle bearings and slider bushings are machined from a aluminum bronze
material. You still have to pull it for cleaning and lubing every six months.

	Different car have different advance/retard curves built into their
gears. Two were mentioned. One had an inital 5 deg. advance that held til
2800rpm's then retarded at a rate of 1 deg/100rpm's to 3400rpm's where full
retard of -3degs. was reached. I believe this was on a '87 Jetta with a
Neuspeed 268 deg. X .438" lift cam. In the other application, car unknown, 7
degs. was the inital advance, this held to mid range RPM's then was at full
retard of -3 degs. by 4200rpm's for a total swing of 10 camshaft degrees.

	I apologize for leaving this important tech. data off my first post;
blame it on Pete and his wicked ale. I hope this clears up any lingering
questions some of you may have had.

				Happy Quattroing to those of you at Brainerd!!


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