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Re: Stuff I forgot to mention about Pete's Wicked Ale

On 9 Oct 1991, Sheffield Corey wrote:

> that after a couple of pint's of Pete's Wicked with the students at lunch I'd
> left out some important data.

> 	I apologize for leaving this important tech. data off my first post;
> blame it on Pete and his wicked ale. I hope this clears up any lingering
> questions some of you may have had.

And I bet you all thought Pete's Wicked Ale was a California thing, from 
Palo Alto.  Guess what?  It is all brewed right here in Saint Paul, 
Minnesota.  The contract brewing was done by Minnesota Brewing (home of 
Pig's Eye Pilsner and Landmark) on the west end, but demand has caused 
Pete's to move it across town to the much bigger Stroh brewery on the east 
side when the contract with Minnesota Brewing

> 				Happy Quattroing to those of you at Brainerd!!

Nope, spent the weekend here in the Twin Towns.  My wife and our two kids 
had the Syncro (finally some Audi content) up near Brainerd for the weekend.

Phil Ethier <ethier@freenet.msp.mn.us>