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Window Switch LED replacement in a Coupe Q

I finally got around to replacing the burned-out LEDs in two of my power
window switches this past weekend.

Removing the switches for the left armrest on the Coupe Q was not an easy
operation. First I had to remove three hidden 4mm hex bolts, and pull the
armrest off the door.  Then I removed the window switch/seat memory cluster
from their connectors.  Using some jeweler's screwdrivers, I removed the switch 
bodies from the cluster.  Opening the switches consisted of removing the 
switch rocker from the top, and prying open the bottom four retaining clips.
This was neither quick nor easy, and left the switch bodies pretty well
chewed up.  What the hell I figured...worst case, replacement is approximately 
$30/switch.  LEDs were two for a buck.

Finally disassembled the switch.  I replaced the burned-out LED with a replace-
ment "T1" LED from Radio Shlack.  Made the obvious mistake of soldering
the LED's anode to the resistor in the switch. Re-assembled the switch, reinstalled
the cluster and armrest.  Fired up the car and...the LEDs did not illuminate.


dis-assembled everything, looked at the LED, tested same.  Looked at Bentley.

    Electrical Engineer question of the day:

    Why did Audi put a resistor AFTER the LED (attached to the Cathode) in the 
    circuit.  Doesn't before the resistor (current limiting) make more sense???

    Is that why these LEDs burn out at such an apparently high rate???

Oh - and I'm still looking for a source for the bulbs from the console
(defroster, foglights, ABS) switches.  Bulb says:

OS (OSRAM ?) 12-15/30

Does anyone have a replacement source???

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q....With illuminated power window switches!!!