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Re: Window Switch LED replacement in a Coupe Q

Dan Simoes asked about my ordeal in replacing the power window switch LEDs
in my Coupe Quattro:

>> Fired up the car and...the LEDs did not illuminate.
>> urrghgh!
>> dis-assembled everything, looked at the LED, tested same.  Looked at Bentley.

>So what was the solution?  I think there's a step missing here?
I had to re-open the switches, unsolder the LEDs, flip them over (switch the anode-
cathode connections - the leads will probably break at this point!) resolder 
the LEDs, close up the switch, reinstall it into the cluster, and reattach 
the armrest.

NOT a 5 minute job!  Kind of makes you wonder. I spent a buck on LEDs, vs
approximtely $60 for two new switches that I could have just plugged in...

Now how much of my valuable time was spent (x $/hr * y hours = ???)
How do the audi gods work??? Do only high dollar parts make them happy, 
Or does spending alot of time on an Audi make them happy, or is a combination
of both?

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro " This repair will probably last a week...."