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Sales, etc.

Three items - 

1)> From: Kevin Baluha <baluha@tpa.cst.titan.com> Asked -
> I am working with a local parts house to put a Client/Server parts
> lookup system online. he showed me how easy it is to look up parts using
> his computer. I am sure I can interface it with winsock.

My answer:  3. web

2)  Re:  the Amsoil discussion - 

We surely have more than one Amsoil dealer (including me) on the 
list.  I'm happy to hear about applications of Amsoil RedLine, Mobil 
1, and other superior products which benefit me and others on the 
list.  I'm comfortable that those on this list will not tout product
A at the expense of product B - unless it's TRUE!!!  (Like the 
oft-repeated wisdon that the Bosch patinums are best employed in 
desktop automotive bric-a-brac...and that teflon belongs on pots and 
pans, not in your auto oil).

If transgressions occur, this group is MORE than adqueately 
prepared to flame the offender!  I say let the gent alone.

3)  I know those on the list have followed my problems with a 
persistent brake warning light on my '90 200T.  I'm going to build VW 
hydraluic test tool #1441  (a gauge) so I can find out oncet n'ferall 
whether the cuplrit is the hydraluic pump.  I figure that for the $30 
gauge plus the hose and fittings, I can have the tool for what it 
would cost me to have the test done - except the nearest place with 
the d**n tool is 90 miles away!!

After completing the tests, I might even be willing to loan the gauge 
to my list-brethern/sistern in return for suitable consideration. 
(Hint: I speak beer-currency...)

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