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Spark Plug Wires

A recent note asked when to replace plug wires....

As mcuh as we all like to do our own work and avoid shops, it's 
probably reasonable once every couple of years to have a shop run a 
diagnostic on the ignition and charging systems.  Bad wires will show 
up there.  The car in question had 200K on it, so I assume it has had 
wires, cap, rotor, etc. as applicable to the car.

Wires are expensive enough now that if one fails early, it may be 
worth replacing it individually.  But don't replace a set without 
going including cap/rotor.  They're all part of the ignition sequence.

PS - I have almost solved my LONG battle with the hyrdaulic system in 
my 200T.  I will post my solution sequence when it's confirmed.


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