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Re: Spark Plug Wires

> While we're on the subject, Mine is approachng 70K, and I was curious if 
> anyone has used wires other than Audi's. Are there aftermarket ones? Are 
> they any good? To replace the ones on the 90 from the dealer, its damn 
> near $225!!!!

I have a healthy distrust of ANY plug wires which don't either come 
from the dealer or from a very sharp aftermarket expert.  Most of the 
wires available in discount stores are junk....that's one item I will 
NEVER buy from a discount outlet.  Even ones which act good initially
often go bad inside a few months.

On the Datsun Z-car list I also frequent, a parts expert I trust says
there is a brand of wires called Jacobs which are good stuff.

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