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Re: 1985 Coupe GT (classic)

*** Resending note of 10/12/95 10:11
From: Jim Fease
      Maplewood, MN
Subject: Re: 1985 Coupe GT (classic)
>BMW settled, rather than take the case to court. M5 owners in the US are
>entitled to some money from BMW to "compensate" them for this "loss".
Is that capitalism? Let's see, if demand goes up, supply goes up. Demand
drops, company get's sued. Let's sue the lawyers who sue companies that
sue other companies who sue... SHOOT 'EM ALL!!! (not really, my nephew is
a lawyer wanna-be. Poor kid doesn't know what real BS is-yet.)
>Great country, huh?
I guess. I think they should rename us to the Sue Nation. (Please no
Native American repercussions)
'84 4KSQ - 160K Not real fast, not real slow, just kinda half-fast.