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Re: Vendors

*** Resending note of 10/12/95 10:36
From: Jim Fease
      Maplewood, MN
Subject: Re: Vendors
>While I'm not opposed to commercial interests on the list (I would LOVE
>to have Ned be more active)...
I think Ned would subscribe under the name John Doe. Can you imagine how
swamped he would be? He couldn't make any new toys for us kids to play
with! Right now Ned is 'net challenged, but I don't know for how long.
He may never be 'net-ized, but does he have to be?
'84 4KSQ - 160K Not real fast, not real slow, just kinda half-fast.
 A slow 4K on the track is a lot more fun than a broken mega-horse
 turbo with it's hood up. DNFs are expensive (and no fun) ;-)