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Misc. questions

I am new to this group after having purchased an 89 200TQ earlier this year,
but am very grateful to be learning all sorts of things.  If anybody can
answer any of these questions about my car, I would appreciate your input.  I
love it and its my second Audi after a new 1990, 90 which was my introduction
to the Audi experience.  So far I have had to replace "the bomb", new tires,
and just had the 105K service done.  It purrs like a cat!

1.  Yes, it has the cronic Audi symptom, need a new power steering rack.  An
aquaintance who used to work on Audi's at a VW/Audi dealer said to go to the
local VW dealer, who can get better prices on PS racks than the local Audi
dealer (two seperate dealerships).  Is that true?   I am also checking PAP
and a few other parts dealers who advertise in EC magazine.

2.  My two back windows do not work and the local dealer and an independent
shop says juice is coming/going from the switch and that its the window
regulator.  Is that  the only other alternative?  The independent guy said he
could "rebuild" (my term, not his) the regulator which would be about 4 hours
of labor for both.  That would save some money.

3.  Finally, if I am crusing down the interstate on my way to visiting the
inlaws, and my beautiful wife or darling little girl sitting in the front
passenger seat accidently depress the quattro switch locacted next to the
gear shift, then am I "SOL" and will be looking at replacing my quattro
system, or does the car just go to some other mode?