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Automotive Consultant comments about AWD

This is an Audi question even though it talks about a Subaru...I read this in
the Dallas Morning News on a write-up of the new 96 Subaru Outback (e.g.,
Crocodile Dundee's new ad).  From the article..If Subaru offered the Outback
as a 6-cylinder with less expensive traction control instead of AWD, it
"would make this almost the perfect vehicle"...Jim Wangers, senior analyst at
Automotive Marketing Colnsultants Inc., which has tested the Outback.

Is it safe to assume that this guy has no idea about Audi quattros!?, or does
Subaru offer a different type of AWD, maybe a cheaper version and not the
TORSEN found on Audi's.  Just curious since a friend of mine likes the Subaru
and I am trying to get him to spend the 22K or so on a real vechile like a
200TQW or TQ.  Thanks.