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Pearl touch-up

 You asked about the pearl touch up. When I got mine from the dealer I only
recieved one (8$!) bottle. At first, it appears to be only clear with metalic
flakes....the trick.....shake it up *really good*...then shake it some more.
When I got the car, the original owner gave me some touch up that he said the
dealer mixed for him....yep, you guessed it, clear/metalic *and* a bottle of
white....go figure.
 Also, must agree on the Zymol, works great but doesn't seem to last very long.
I would stay away from any wax with Petroleum products in it (at least for
frequent use). The petroleum is put in for its cleaning properties. Same idea
as Bug tar remover, etc. One nice thing about Zymol....all natural, smells like
bananas, easy on the hands and paint.
 Now, if I could only get my new "Neon clear acrilic shift knob" to glow...I
don't get it, I mean, I wired it in-line with the neon ground effects kit..hmmm

Jef J
90 90CQ 38K Pearl/black
90 FZR1000 10K

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